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 Zero Williston Charecter Sheet

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PostSubject: Zero Williston Charecter Sheet   Zero Williston Charecter Sheet Icon_minitimeTue Jun 21, 2011 5:07 pm

Name: Williston

First name: Hunter "Zero"

Age: 18

Sex: Male

Race: dark elf / human

Height: 5'8"

Weight: 140

Deity: Kluryara

Character Class: Rogue

Specializations: thief

Physical characteristics: medium build silver short hair darkblue eyes

Equipment: leather armor, 2 iron short swords, zweihander

Originating in which area or country? Randisto, Laravrenth Myan

Distinctive sign: an X shapped scar on his face

Character traits which represents it: always getting into fight in the town bars

Profession: a carrier (delivers packages to people and or transports weapons from city to city)

Defects and Qualities: +willing to accept help +very fast on his feet +can jump a good distance -kinda cocky -gets angry easy which causes him to get into fights alot

Relation: single

Ambition and Value: seeks to obtain all the secret scrolls of the thief clans of old

Reputation and honor: a well known carrier for getting packages to its destination quickly

Techniques of the characters:
  • Total TP used 17
  • (1 TP)quick burst (increases speed 15% for a short time)
  • (2 TP)Parku (able to track across urban environments with ease)
  • (9 TP)Shadow Walk (goes into the shadows (you can only see a shadow when he does) it lasts for about 12 minutes/posts)
  • (1 TP)Dual Wield Mastery (able to hold 2 weapons at the same time)
  • (1 TP)Sword Mastery (able to wield swords)
  • (3 TP)Pick Pocket (able to steal things from peoples pockets chance of being detected 35% - 50%)

Background: Zero has lived alone ever since he parents was killed by Humans. He has grown up since that day but deep down hates humans and everything about them. He always got into fights and has alot of scars to remember them by. He needed a job that wouldn't care about his personal life just as long as he gets the job done. he is good at his job and even had a race against the top runner for the carrier company he works for and he won. after work hours he goes around town looking for possible targets to rob and every now and then pickpocket some people. being a thief really helps him get back at the humans who take there earth possessions for granent. but being a thief has its down sides although he gets caught from time to time by the town guards he always breaks out without trouble.
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Zero Williston Charecter Sheet Empty
PostSubject: Re: Zero Williston Charecter Sheet   Zero Williston Charecter Sheet Icon_minitimeTue Jan 29, 2013 11:28 pm

Should have been done a while ago, on verbal agreement for the techniques and the rest of the character, this character is approved
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Zero Williston Charecter Sheet
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