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A world of Fantasy and Adventure.
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 Introduction to the World of Gantala

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Introduction to the World of Gantala Empty
PostSubject: Introduction to the World of Gantala   Introduction to the World of Gantala Icon_minitimeMon Aug 01, 2011 12:19 pm

Time seems to slow down after harsh time, or very horrible events in a world’s history. Time has slowed down in some way after a major event that was filled with death and despair. People, good and evil work side by side, working to rebuild a lost world, rebuilding the balance that once was existent in this world. The land has lost all of its vegetation, laid bare to the earth and stones, but slowly, it’s reborn, rain and sunlight giving birth to new plants with the enriched soil, flowers are now blooming. The great forests and the cities are now monuments of the old world. The world has come back to a state of peace. The different nations are helping each other to prosper. The pillars of life, the eight legendary warriors, the guardians of the sacred Tower of Elements, are almost extinguished, only one remains strong to protect the source of all life. The one remaining is the strongest out of them, their fearless leader, a warrior that has live across many years, fought many war and battle, and yet hasn’t lost a single one yet. It is an era of healing, an era to rebuild a powerful order of warriors to protect that balance of life. Before history decides to repeat itself, because all know that history has a way to repeat itself when one seems to least expect it.

What will be your role in this world? No one really knows, only the gods know. It’s a mystery that only time will allow us to know of the future.
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Introduction to the World of Gantala
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