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 The Black Rose: Arya

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PostSubject: The Black Rose: Arya   The Black Rose: Arya Icon_minitimeThu Aug 11, 2011 1:06 am

Name: It is unknown, most people call her the Black Rose
First name: Arya
Age: 18
Sex: Female
Race: Human/???(revealed later on)
Height: 5’ 4”
Weight: 95 lbs
Deity supported: Monolith and Lytheria
Character Class: Rogue

Specializations: Assassin

Physical characteristics: In spite of her more than misleading appearances, she is very robust. Having hair of an abnormal color makes her stand out. This color approaches a tint of dark fuchsia. She keeps her hair in the bottom of her back, usually bilge channel, but braids them when she goes on a mission. She is of small stature, measuring approximately five feet and four inches in height, for a weight of approximately 95 pounds. Her usual clothing is a jet black dress and in the lower parts, a white skirt of approximate length, would be at half thigh. Her delicate hands are covered with long gloves as black as her dress and of long black leather boots cover her feet.

Equipment: She doesn’t wear any type of armor, but carries, hidden in her boots and in secret compartments on her dress a few throwing daggers and her two daggers for close range fights. Around her hips, well hidden, is a whip with thorns.

Originating in which area or country? She was born in the region of Martorys, in a small town on the continent.

Distinctive sign: Her unique coloration of her hair, and a black rose tattoo on her left shoulder blade.

Character traits which represents it: She is a complex one to deciphered, She can be at some time soft and timid while of another moment it can be without pity and merciless. She does not love people who often lies or the men who misuses drink and the women, being unaware of its missions for inflicted justice towards its men which maltreats the women. She is timid, but far from being naive and doesn’t give up hope or confidence to which that would be. She is a very cautions person, since that there are people who could want justice on the murders that she has made, a revenge for the loss of a close relative.

Profession: Mercenary/Assassin/Seductress

Defects and Qualities: In general she is a generous and simple person; she is able to stay calm under a large variety of situation. She sometimes is a bit too timid for her own good and has a tendency to get in trouble with man, with the exception of when she is seducing them to exterminate them when she has been hired to kill them. She is strong willed and has a lot of confidence in her ability.

Relation: Currently is alone, her mother died when she was but a young kid and she unfortunately never met her father. She has from that unknown father, a brother that only shares half of her blood. She knows his name but nothing else of him.

Ambition and Value: She wants to become the best at what she does and, think that man most man should die.

Reputation and honor: She is well known in the world of assassin as one to be stealthy and to never fail any mission given, she hates most man and it shows in her work. Her kills are usually clean.

Techniques of the characters:

Roses’ Thorns (7 slots):  Its one of her special techniques, useful when surrounded by several enemies or to attack from a distance using all of her throwing daggers. It consists of dispatching all her daggers in the air and using a little of her natural abilities over the elements of the air: Wind and electricity. If surrounded, the dagger turn around her cutting anything within 5 feet of her, infused with electricity. These rotate at a speed that most can’t see with the eye. Most people only see the random rose petals that are inside the vortex. For a single target, it simply accelerates the dagger to deadly speeds that are extremely close to the speed of light.

Exotic Weapon Mastery (1 slot): Whip

Dagger Mastery (1 slot)

Dual Wield Mastery (1 slot)

Lightning Shadow Step (8 slots): She walks rapidly without being seen. Her movement speed is so fast that almost no one can see her even when they try. It takes a toll on her body if used to long. She can use it in bursts or all at once for a total of 5 minutes. (Racial ability)

Background: Arya wasn’t always the dangerous assassin she is today. It all began when she was barely a child. Her mother gave birth to her all alone. Her father never saw her having left her mother not long after she was even pregnant. At the age of 3, a raid occurred on the small village she was living in. Her mother wanting to save her daughter put her in a small basket and let her drift down the river, in hope a fisherman or a passer who get the basket and rescue Arya. That happen down at the next village, a couple from the city of Parodan notice the large basket on the river and decide to grab it, finding inside a terrified little girl. They decided to adopt her. Out of need of affection, Arya adopted the new family in which she was now part of.

Another four years passed by and she lived happily. Arya and her adoptive family past by Arya old village in a trip toward Aeolo, making Arya remember her past before she was with them. She even found where her old house was standing. During that trip, a duo of assassin attacked them; someone had hired them to kill her parents. In the contract, nothing told them about a young girl being with them. Thankfully, she never noticed that it was them that had now killed her adoptive parents and again out of need of a place, she followed them, since they were nice to her. Deep inside her though, something was born, the need to avenge the murders of both her biological mother and her adoptive family. Luckily for her, her adoptive parents had told her that she had a biological half brother that was mentioned in a letter that was also in the basket when they found her. The two assassins brought her back to the order where their master was curious of her and was wondering why they had brought a kid with them. They explained the situation to him and he then turned his attention toward her. He noticed the flame of vengeance in her eyes. He decided to take her under his wing and train her day in, day out.

For the next eight years of her existence, she lived among the assassins, training to become stronger. On her sixteenth birthday, he master challenged her on a one on one battle against himself to test out her skills which were among those of the more advanced students. The battle for sometime was in the masters favor, but then she used one skill that none had, she had found out by random she had some power over the elements of the air, the winds and lightning and could use that to her favor. Her movements became much faster than the master could follow and counter. Soon enough, Arya had defeated her own teacher. Thankfully for being a non lethal fight, her master, being best said that he had no more to teach her. She left and has being taking revenge on injustice of her past and any she could come across. Over time she started resenting the presence of men and their ways, killing as many of them as possible when necessary. Will you be her next victim? Will she ever find her lost brother? No one knows other than the Gods themselves.

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PostSubject: deep!!   The Black Rose: Arya Icon_minitimeThu Aug 11, 2011 1:12 am

thats a deep charecter background Approved LOL
overall is very good
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The Black Rose: Arya
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