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 The Universal Rulings

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The Universal Rulings Empty
PostSubject: The Universal Rulings   The Universal Rulings Icon_minitimeWed May 18, 2011 1:04 am

Introdution to the rules:

Having created an account implies that you will also respect these simples yet necessary rules for the good operation of this forum.

Before starting to list the rules that will be applied in this Forum, the administrative team would like to emphasize on the importance of following the rules. Without regulations, a forum would not be held, members would correctly identify the benefits and harms of their actions: they do anything. This would create many conflicts, very harmful to the atmosphere of the Forum. I remind you that the administrative team is not there to hurt you, they are there to enforce the order as impartially as possible, to help you and answer your questions as best they can.

Thank you for taking the trouble to read what we have taken the trouble to write to you.

General Rules

  • The first thing to know is that if you come on this forum to make only the promotion of any forum or website, know that you are absolutely not welcome. Any form of advertising, shall be punished by banishment
  • The language "sms" or in other words, texting is strictly prohibited and spelling errors should be avoided out of respect for who will read.
  • Any insult to injury is prohibited. They are tolerated as part of the game is not recommended to insult others for "laugh" because we are never safe from a misunderstanding
  • This forum is for young writers wanting to liberate minds and unleash their creativity. The interest is to share this experience in complete harmony with others. Respect others and you will be respected, and you will avoid many problems.
  • By registering, you are committed enough to be present on this forum to keep track of events in the forum and to avoid any confusion with other members. So when you're absent, you must prevent as quickly as possible in the forum for this purpose, this all in respect of your rp partners.
  • You are urged to be active both in the sphere of flood as in the game itself.
  • please restrain yourself from flooding inside of the sub-forum designed expecially for that.
  • Do not meddle in your private life with the forum. I also remind you that the role play is not something real ... As its name suggests, this is just a game

Writing Rules

  • The writing regulations are those of the english language.
  • You are invited to use a spelling, syntax and correct conjugation.
  • Spelling mistakes are clearly tolerated (you will notice quickly that the admins and mods are champions in this discipline). However, any abuse will be punished.
  • SMS language is strictly forbidden under pain of banishment Now
  • All messages must be longer than or equal to five lines.
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The Universal Rulings
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