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 good morning Daeladus

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Adara Jemina

Adara Jemina

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good morning Daeladus Empty
PostSubject: good morning Daeladus   good morning Daeladus Icon_minitimeTue Jan 24, 2012 5:01 pm

The day is just beginning in the market, there is still mist in the air. Everyone is setting their ''shop'' the usual movements, jokes and talks. One stranger come in, wearing a black cloak and a emerald green Egyptian like dance costume. It's hard to see her face because of the hood.

She pass through the place and just find a place where she can sit, which right at the moment is a fountain, and just stop herself to watch the normal life of a common villager. She likes to do that in every place she goes and even more here because she is from this city. Let's just say it's a way for her to make sure her home is still her home. When she is satisfied, she pull down her hood letting the light illuminating her sweet face and her green eyes. She takes a deep breat

-It's good to be home.

She stay there just watching a bit thinking about her early days and all she did to get here now.

While Adara was sitting here she saw a young child running around and followed by four or five others. They looked like they were having fun and that made her laugh. One of them,a little girl with long dark black hair, came close to see Adara. She seemed hypnotised, it made her blush.

Little girl:
you are beautiful
-Thank you young lady, you are very beautiful too.

Answered Adara on a soft voice, she smiled and she went where a group of musician was getting ready to play for money. She gave a bit of spare change and asked them if she could join them. They accepted and began their music.

She took off her cloak, letting every part of her clothes be seen and started to move with the music, the people could see her face soften like she was so happy, she was like in another world, music world. She made sign to the child so they would come and join them and most of them did right away others were shy and that was perfectly okay.

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good morning Daeladus
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