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 Meet the Paladin *que tf2 music*

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Meet the Paladin *que tf2 music* Empty
PostSubject: Meet the Paladin *que tf2 music*   Meet the Paladin *que tf2 music* Icon_minitimeFri Jan 27, 2012 5:02 am

Name: Exaleraus Shemjazah
First name: Exaleraus
Age: 30 and some change
Sex: Yes (male)
Race: human
Height: a little less than two meters
Weight: 13 stone
Deity supported: Ryiah: God of Heroics
Character Class: WARRIAAAAH

Specializations: Paladin/Champion

Physical characteristics: A tanned man with a built physique. He has a faux-hawk and a short beard that follows his jawline (sans mustache). Dark brown eyes.

Equipment: A full set of plate armor. (looks a little like ebony armor in skyrim)

Originating in which area or country? Edenras

Distinctive sign: His distinctive faux-hawk. and his theme music (yes it follows him, yes everywhere, yes even in the bathroom, no you can't have his autograph)

Character traits which represents it: subtlety? what's that? Is that something that you can eat?

Profession: For the past couple weeks he's been a professional dancer. Before that, he was a carpenter. Before that he was a paint dryer. Before that he was a bouncer. Before that was a cologne tester. Before that... you get the point.

Defects and Qualities: Yeah, I'm pretty sure you can eat subtlety... it probably tastes good with red wine. He has your back. Even when your back doesn't have your back. Always looks on the bright side of the situation. Generally a fun-loving person. He's pretty dense.

Relation: "You can eat those too right? No wait. Umm... I had parents or something like that."


Reputation and honor: Reputed to throw his body and soul into any task given to him and whenever someone asks about his honor they tend to just point at a brick wall.

Techniques of the characters: "I can't eat these..." (I'll need to talk to someone about these in a PM)

Background: Born the poorest peasant in the grand city of Edenras, Exaleraus didn't exactly have the easiest of childhoods. He was always a little different from the rest of the kids. Where most kids would spend time with school work and chores, Exaleraus would spend his time downtown helping out the merchants and hunting rodents. He was always helping someone. You could say that is was in this way that he gained his education. He didn't have any friends. Well none that stuck around anyway. So he spent much of his time alone or with the aldults around the city. If you found him at his home it was an off day. Either that or he was hungry. Once he reached his teenage years he began exploring outside of the city and began helping hunters. It was also during this time that he fell into a criminal gang. He was so gullible back then, the gang took advantage of his trust and in turn, took advantage of him. He eventually saw that he was no longer doing good and was rather hurting the very same people that he was just recently protecting. Exaleraus wouldn't stand for this, and neither would the gang, because he broke all of their knee caps. He's fought crime and injustice at any place he can ever sense. He is now fighting for justice in any way he can. Also, he's doing odd jobs so he can eat. He's never had a love but he has had a crush or two... or ten... okay, upwards of 60.
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Meet the Paladin *que tf2 music*
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