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 Meet Veros Azurai

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Veros Azurai

Veros Azurai

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PostSubject: Meet Veros Azurai   Wed Jan 30, 2013 2:17 pm

Name: Veros Azurai

Race: Human

Class: mage

Speciality: aquamancer

Age: 22

Weight: 142 lbs.

Height: 5'10

Sex: male

Deities: Kaelyn and Sargotelin

Description: Lithe of build, with pale hair and skin. His hair is long like his people, but is loose in defiance of tradition.

Distinct traits: Tribal tattoos and ritual scarification on forearms, denoting his station among his people.

Character traits: Cool, collected, and with confidence bordering on arrogance, he is efficient in all he does. His weaknesses are his thirst for power and moral ambiguity.

Origin: Coastal village of Ardaad-Oran.

Profession: Keeper of Ardaad-Oran

Relations: As per tradition, his parents were given as offerings to the sea when he was named a Keeper in training. His teacher, Keyleith, is hunting him down to learn the reasons for his betrayal, and to exact its price from him.

Reputation and Honor: Power hungry and morally ambiguous, but honors his word. He may look for loopholes in an agreement, but he holds to what is under contract.

Equipment: Scramasax blade " Proteus", Grimoire of the Deep, consecrated seawater.

Techniques: Level one: Shortblade proficiency. (1)
Level-headed: adept at maintaining concentration under duress. (2)

Level two: Crystalline Barrage: Freezes water into dozens of jagged shards, which are launched at the enemy. (3)
Mist of Illusion: Creates a thick haze writhing with phantasmal shapes to confuse foes. (3)
Weird: Creates a construct of animate water disguised with illusion. Requires constant concentration. (5)

Level three: Splinterstorm: A vicious twister of sharp ice fragments whirl around Veros, lacerating any who approach. Radius is five yards, but a one yard radius eye directly around Veros is safe. (6)

Backstory: Veros was born on the fog choked sea side village of Ardaad-Oran. At his birth, the omens stated that he would become a Keeper, a guardian of the secrets that the village had protected for generations. On his seventh birthday, he was initiated. His parents where sacrificed to the sea gods as an offering to strengthen their son, and he himself was baptized in consecrated brine and tattooed with sacred markings along his arms.
Over the years of his training he learned quickly, astonishingly so. While others were impressed, his mentor, Keyleith Storm-Queller, was concerned. Veros had a voracious appetite for knowledge and the powers he gained through it. In six years he mastered all that Keyleith knew, and still he wanted more. She gave him some of the duties of a Keeper to occupy him, but he was not satisfied. When he was fourteen, he delved into the holy caverns near his home, knowing that what was contained within was what his people were sworn to protect. He navigated the labyrinthine passages and foiled magical pitfalls set to dissuade interlopers. Within, he found the secret, the dangerous font of power that Ardaad-Oran had warded for ages: The Grimoire of the Deep. Veros took the book, lusting for the secrets it held. He was found by the village elder, and in his panic at discovery, Veros slew the man. Knowing that he was now both a murderer and a heretic to his kind, he fled, both to avoid execution and to decipher the forbidden book's secrets.
For eight years he has avoided capture, traveling the world for arcane lore. He knows that Keyleith is pursuing him, but he has no desire to face her.

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PostSubject: Re: Meet Veros Azurai   Wed Jan 30, 2013 3:01 pm

alter the colors of your skills so that we know what level they are there is set colors for them but other than that you did quite well...also find a profile image that matches the charecter
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PostSubject: Re: Meet Veros Azurai   Tue Feb 05, 2013 2:22 pm

ok now we both agree you are accepted
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PostSubject: Re: Meet Veros Azurai   

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Meet Veros Azurai
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