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 Smoke and Mirrors

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Veros Azurai

Veros Azurai

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Smoke and Mirrors Empty
PostSubject: Smoke and Mirrors   Smoke and Mirrors Icon_minitimeSun Feb 03, 2013 12:24 pm

Cowled and hooded, Veros threaded his way through the crowd of people, head low and unobtrusive. He was follwing a figure through the marketplace, and watching as three others followed his target as well. The man Veros was following was identical to himself, and was not truly a man at all but a construct of water masked with illusion.

To draw out my true foe, I must use smoke and mirrors.

With his mind, Veros guided the weird, the illusory copy, out of the crowded marketplace and towards the east of town, in the direction of Greywater. Near the city walls, Veros directed the weird into a derelect building (Aeolo was full of them). Disguised as he was, he passed the would- be assassins, who had now split up to circle the building. Smiling, Veros released his concentration on the copy. It would leave only a puddle behind. With luck, they would watch the building for a bit before they entered for the kill. By that time, Veros would be well on his way towards Daeladus.
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Smoke and Mirrors
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