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 Rumors abound

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Veros Azurai

Veros Azurai

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Rumors abound Empty
PostSubject: Rumors abound   Rumors abound Icon_minitimeWed Feb 06, 2013 1:05 am

It was early morning now, in the mist shrouded city of Daeladus. The permanent fog from the surrounding mountains did not enter the city, but it encased it, giving sunlight an ephemeral feel, like a memory of its rays. Edges were softened by its gauzy light, making the stark city seem almost welcoming after the gritty streets of Aeolo.
Veros wandered through its marketplace, the people just now coming out of their homes to start the day's work. While the citizens went about their daily labors they talked amongst themselves. Bits of conversation drifted by him as he walked, most of it mundane and uninteresting, but he listened anyway. He was a stranger here, an outlander, so even idle gossip could give him what he needed to survive.

I heard from a cousin out in Edenras that the Emperor is raising tarrifs again. Damn man'll bleed us dry.

The dwarves o' Momonga have got themselves a new mine openin' up. Richest ore they ever found, some say.

Veros let the names of the unfamiliar places wash over him, listening more to the intonations than the actual words. They were just names to him, but the emphasis that people used were vital to his understanding of popular opinion.

I got it from Ranick that ole Zero lost a mark the other night. Ha! Says he went to the inn ta line 'is purse and came back empty 'anded. Har, har!

Veros filed the name away in his mind. Any thief with a reputation was worth noting.
The sun was brighter now, its light reminding him how little he had slept during the ride up the river Aldrena.

Small wonder. An attempt on your life is not good for sleep.
He spotted the inn's sign from the street and headed towards it. He could ask around about the sage tomorrow.
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Rumors abound
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