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 Specializations: Warrior

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Here is a list and short description of all the specializations in the Warrior Class. It is possible to acquire more than one over an adventure and even get some in a secondary class.

Dual Blades
Dual Blade's are all about, as their name, using two blades, and using them skillfully. They are all about striking fast, killing their opponents and quickly moving to the next. What they lack in spells, they make up for in pure speed and skill. They have no spells or magical skills at all, and in order to take advantage of their speed, they cannot wear heavy or medium armor and aren't meant to take hits. They use their speed to avoid hits rather then take them. They work best with most other classes, as all they really need is a distraction while they pick off their opponents

The first berserkers were dwarves. They would sacrifice finesse for a dark rage that increased their strength and resilience. Eventually, dwarves taught these skills to others, and now berserkers can be found amongst all races. They are renowned as terrifying adversaries

The paladin is a holy knight, crusading in the name of good and order, and is a divine spellcaster. From 1st through 3rd edition, paladins were required to maintain the Lawful Good alignment. In addition, compared to others the paladin has one of the most restrictive codes of conduct in their single-mindedness and utter devotion to good. Paladin characters are expected to demonstrate and embody goodness. It is taboo for a paladin to lie or use poison, and some interpretations say they should only use stealth as a last resort. Other restrictions are sometimes laid on the paladin depending on the diety they follow. Failure to maintain a lawful good alignment or adhere to the code of conduct causes paladins to lose their paladin status and many of their special abilities until they are able to atone

A monk is a martial artist, specializing in unarmed combat.

Demonic spirits teach more than blood magic. Reavers terrorize their enemies, feast upon the souls of their slain opponents to heal their own flesh, and can unleash a blood frenzy that makes them more powerful as they come nearer to their own deaths

Templars are the favored knights of their god, defending the faith more effectively than a steel wall. A few templars placed at the entrance to a place of worship is enough to keep most dragons out. They are often trained to slay and control mages, they can suppress any form of magic in an area around them if they see fit and need to do so. More experience templars can suppress opposing magic user while giving there own allies possibilities to use their own spells.

A Crusader is a knight of the church that hunts those that defy their deity's will. He uses arcane energy granted from their deity.

These are the basic warriors, often seen as guards of a city or as simple part of an army, they usually use a sword and shield combo, sometimes using a spear to begin a fight.

The knights are an elite type of soldier, often leading the latter in battle. They are strong and have lots of charisma serving them in leading the armies of a city into battle. Their training is often more complex and severe than the average soldier's training.

The cavalryman's strongest point is his or her horse. However, it is also their weakest point. If the horse dies or otherwise falls in battle, the cavalryman is much less powerful. The cavalryman works well with members of almost all classes. They like mages to back them up with spells, clerics to heal, rogues to scout, and fighting classes to fight beside them.

Any warrior can fight in the arena. A true gladiator does so with style and flair, and lives for the thrill of combat, the pleasure of his mistress and the roar of the crowds. While most gladiators are slaves, some freemen do train in this class, and it is not unknown for drow to fight in the arena. The elite gladiators are picked from the best drow and slave warriors. They must display speed and agility, as well as a certain flair and talent for unorthodox weapons. They use their skills in the arena, on the battlefield and on slave raids. Some gladiators serve as bodyguards or companions to nobles, and they are sometimes used as mercenaries.

The champion is a veteran warrior and a confident leader in battle. Possessing skill at arms impressive enough to inspire allies, the champion can also intimidate and demoralize foes. These are the heroes you find commanding an army, or plunging headlong into danger, somehow making it look easy

Weapon Master
The weapon master is the undisputed fighter, a true master of weapons. Be it gladiator, mercenary, general, or cutthroat – all those are proud to walk the way of the warrior. Most weapon masters begin their career as militia members, soldiers, or slave fighters, learning their trade from an instructor or at an academy of war. But there are also some few self-taught weapon masters, travelling freely across Gantala, making a living as a sword for hire. Weapon masters have no common theme to them. While one is a shining example of chivalry and manners, the next may be a bloodthirsty murderer. The weaponmaster usually is a party’s first line of defense and offense, engaging their enemies with his weapons, be they melee or ranged. Unable to provide any magical abilities by themselves, weapon masters always look out for allies capable of employing magic. There is some rare cases of weapon masters that were capable of employing magic in their fighting style, but these are usually of races with magical capacities.

They were designed to be physically tough, able to stand alongside the defenders,other fighters and paladin, but their powers are based on directing actions, providing bonuses to attack and defense, and healing their allies.

Many warriors foolishly believe that they can control the tide of a battle on their own, but a guardian realizes that an ally's survival is as important as an enemy's death. Guardians prefer to protect party members directly, but if necessary, they are prepared to make personal sacrifices to ensure that their companions live

The Sentinels have celestial bloodlines that are still evident in small amounts to this day. Their focus with the blade is unmatched, and they train unceasingly to hone their skills. The Sentinels rarely see battle, as their reputation so far precedes them that few are foolhearty enough to encroach in the boundaries of the places they guard. Sentinels focus on simply staying alive. If they can stay upright, alive and functional longer than their opponent, then they will have the victory. This leads to sentinels being very self-confident and willing to take on any kind of endurance challenge to improve their toughness and stamina. Sentinels can literally be guards, or they could be shock troops for the military, explorers who journey through dangerous regions and are likely to suffer several injuries, or professional gladiators who have learned to outlast the competition.
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Specializations: Warrior
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