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 Dieties( Gods and Goddesses)

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Dieties( Gods and Goddesses) Empty
PostSubject: Dieties( Gods and Goddesses)   Dieties( Gods and Goddesses) Icon_minitimeTue May 31, 2011 12:37 am

The world was created and now is rule by these dieties, watching over us, granting us life and guidance.

Athïyk: God of the Sky, Lightning and Air
Kluryara: Goddess of Darkness, Hell and Demons
Kaelyn: Goddess of the depths and the Abyss
Zertoth: God of Earth, Earthquakes, Fertility and Mountains
Priregord: God of Fire and Blacksmith
Naradë: Goddess of the creatures of Light
Anastra: Goddess of Purity
Adrona: Goddess of Fidelity and Marriage
Legedia: Goddess of Justice
Elrawien: Goddess of Chastity
Litheria: Goddess of the Moon
Nromeli: Goddess of Perseverance and Hard-Work
Galadrith: Goddess of Beauty, Seduction and Young Maidens
Krillion: God of War
Cionio: God of love and Beauty
Sargotèlin: God of Sailors and the Sea
Monolith: God of Stealth and Hunting
Melzarus: God of the Sun and Arts
Lusinor: God of discord and Quarrels
Dentho: God of Courage and Knightly Inspiration.
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Dieties( Gods and Goddesses)
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