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PostSubject: Techniques   Techniques Icon_minitimeTue Jun 21, 2011 2:07 am

Summary and Numbers of Slots

The techniques are another means of making your characters unique. These techniques are the foundations of your characters and will help you through your searches, your battles and your meetings. Two validations will be necessary for these, since the opinion of only one person will not be a valid opinion. This system will use slots for the techniques. The basic techniques, will cost much less than techniques that are more powerful and complex. Here a little more on these famous techniques and on how the whole thing will be done.

For the ordinary characters, thus the large majority of the characters, 20 slots will be available for you at the beginning and has each even level (2,4,6,8,10...) will give you a new slot. At each 20 levels, will obtain a no-claims bonus to you of 5 slots and another 5 extra when you would have reached the hundredth level. This will give you a total of 70 slots through the levels including the 20 initial ones plus extra 30 slots of bonus slots for a great total of 100 on level 100, which would would be the last level.

For the rare lucky ones who will have characters considered Legendary Warriors, the characters will be able to start with 30 slots and will increase at the same rate/rhythm as the others. With each 20 levels a bonus of 5 slots and extra 10 slots once the hundredth level reached. This will give you a total of 80 slots through the levels including the 30 initial ones. The bonus of slots will be of 35 slots total on level 100 and the grand total rises to 115 slots, allowing them to have the single technique that no one other can have.

Various Kinds of Techniques

The techniques are gathered into five levels and an extra special level for the Legendary Warriors. Each level contains a range of necessary Slots to be able to have techniques of level.

Technique Level 1: Blue (1 to 2 slots)
This level gathers the techniques requiring very little or no energy and often are the most often used. Often they techniques can be learn by all.

Technique Level 2: Green (3 to 5 slots)
These techniques are slightly more complex to carry out, but consumes a degree of energy similar to the techniques of the lower level, from little to very little, but those will always spent a little energy due to their complexity. This level gathers a good part of the techniques known and can be use to wound or help people to a degree higher than those of blue type.

Technique Level 3: Yellow (6 to 8 slots)
In this level, the techniques starts to be more interesting and powerful, some, according to their nature, are able to make serious damage to an adversary and to wound severely. Although they are less known and more rare, there is still a vast selection of them available.

Technique Level 4: Orange (9 to 10 slots)
Techniques of a more impressive level in power than the latter one, these are able to put an end to a life if such is in their nature. Their power and complexity is even greater but all the worth whileé they are rather rare and barely known by most, a good variety exists. These are so powerful that it often makes them best techniques of an individual, but there exist exceptions…

Technique Level 5: Red (11 to 12 slots)
These exceptions are found in this level. These techniques have of the power and the capacity to reverse the course of a combat or a battlefield. Almost forgotten techniques, they are very old and rare making them almost unique. More than a single individual can know the same, but not much succeed in taming them and to control them so much their power is enormous and the preparations complex.

Technique Level 6: White (11 to 12 slots)
A level that only the seven Legendary Warriors can reach. The techniques of this level are unique and only known by one of the Legendaries. The power of these techniques are extremely devastating, but they are techniques extremely complex and needs a lot of energy but not more than one of red types however. It is rare that somebody survives one of these.
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