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 Specializations : Rogue

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Here is a list and short description of all the specializations in the Rogue Class. It is possible to acquire more than one over an adventure and even get some in a secondary class.

Bards follow an old tradition, acting as assassins, spies, saboteurs and following other secretive pursuits in the constant, and sometimes petty, struggles between nobles. Having taken the minstrel's art to new levels, bards are skilled performers and master manipulators; bards can inspire their allies or dishearten their foes through song and tales.

Rangers have an affinity for open country and wilderness, but as independent scouts and militia, they are opportunists, not stewards of nature. They exploit every advantage of their environment, and can lure wild beasts to attack their foes.

The archer excels in combat at a distance, combining skill, speed, and accuracy to deadly effect. A standard and distinct fantasy archetype, the archer has little use for the typical trappings of other warriors. She values accuracy, agility, and skill over brute force and prowess with bow over familiarity with a variety of weapons.

A thief is a versatile character, capable of sneaky combat and nimble tricks. The thief is stealthy and dextrous, and have so nimble hands that they are capable of finding and disarming many traps and picking locks.

Spellthieves use skill and arcane magic to drain the abilities of their opponents and turn their foes' own powers against them. Spellthieves love the challenges that adventure brings, and they relish finding unique and inventive ways to use their abilities. Because they have such a wide variety of abilities, spellthieves can adapt themselves to overcome nearly any challenge, but they have neither the overpowering arcane might of wizards nor the brute force of fighters. Spellthieves never cast two spells when one will do, and they excel at using misdirection and deception to overcome seemingly stronger opponents. Most of their arcane knowledge is based upon an allies magic, or even their opponents. Stealing the arcane forces that deals in mages to do what they desire.

Good spellthieves use their skills and magic to entertain themselves, protect those less gifted than themselves, and occasionally serve a cause or nation as a spy. Evil spellthieves use their versatile skills to trick and deceive, or plague large cities as daring cat burglars

Animal Leader
While humans are considered a social creature, animals have found the advantages of finding groups themselves. These groups are designed to overcome challenges that would wipe them out, and increasing the rewards. Thus, it is no wonder that some people have connected the life of an adventuring party with that of a pack of wolves, a flock of birds, or a school of fish. A few, however, feel that connection to the point that they choose to join the group, adding abilities that greatly enhance it. Eventually, these members may rise to the lead of the group. These are the animal leaders, those who form a bond with animals, beyond that of even a druid or ranger.

A Hunter is someone who fights with cunning and gile, they utilize dexterity and speed to sneak up on their opponent or face them head on. A Hunter also makes use of an array of magical powers that he draws from the very essence of nature itself, giving him a distinct, and many times unexpected advantage over his foes. A Hunter is a cunning fighter that can dispatch his opponents before they even see him, or if he so chooses, can meet them face to face. Hunters are loners in a wild world. They fend for themselves, live by themselves, and their might is matched by none in their forests. A Hunter is exactly what their namesake implies, they hunt, whether their prey be animal or elf, orc or dragon, they always find it, and they always kill it.

Beast Master
Though others call them "Beast Masters", they do not consider themselves such. They attain a bond to an animal as close as any person to a friend. By learning to trust one another more so than any Ranger to their pet, they can become almost as one with each other. Beast masters are a class designed to do Damage and have abilities that vary so greatly from one to another that two can not be compared fairly, unless they happen to have exactly the same Pet and Gear. They are proficient with all Simple and Martial weapons, excluding any weapon considered "Ranged".

Duelists are deadly combatants who prefer to fight in light armour and strike with light, but precise attacks. Experienced duelists have preternatural reflexes that allow them to evade their opponents' clumsy blows, as well as strike with remarkable precision.

So long as civilized creatures have shipped goods by sea, there have been certain individuals whom have risked life and limb to take those goods. Sailing across the seas of the world, taking what they can by any means necessary, these seafaring thieves are known as Pirates. Piracy is a profession open to all, and thus Pirates have many diverse characteristics. The most common characteristics of Pirates are ability to fight, ability to swim, at least some usefulness on a ship, greed, and little to no objection to stealing.

The assassin finds any notion of fairness a quaint ideal that has no place in combat. Poisons are their weapon of choice, as are crippling strikes that inflict persistent wounds on their foes. As killers, assassins are a marvel of stealth and efficiency
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Specializations : Rogue
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